Things You Should Know About Farmland Ownership

Farmland ownership can be very profitable. Some of the financial  benefits of farmland ownership are the appreciation of  land value over time,  annual income stream from farming, entering into a crop share agreement or leasing the land.

Historically farmland has increased its worth over time and has returned more than most other real estate investments. Farmland ownership can be quite costly from the initial outset but it can be a truly worthwhile ownership opportunity.

When contemplating whether or not to purchase farmland; you will need to retain a Realtor who knows agriculture, knows farmers and knows the farmland in the area they provide real estate services in. It is also important for you to  consult a lawyer, accountant, banker and other professionals who are familiar with agriculture properties to determine if farmland ownership is right for you.

The Century 21 First Canadian Corp. (2) Brokerage “HAY TEAM” in West Lorne offers professional real estate services for Buyers and Sellers of farmland properties in the western part of Elgin County; if you are thinking about selling or buying farmland this spring we would like to hear from you. Let us explain how we can assist you by providing the right real estate services to make your real estate experience a successful one.